About me

Hi, I'm Hesam Gholami from Iran. I'm 29 year old and have studied Sofware Engineering in university. I've started programming back in 2011 with Windows Desktop and Web programming. I've also created some web designs for my works. The very first language that I've used was VB6, and I've made some desktop applications using it. But soon later I start learning C++ and found it very powerful and said goodbye to VB6. In web developing world I've start with Joomla! CMS and I've created some websites with it. By the way after that I start learning PHP and I've created some web applications using it. After many years of working with C++ and PHP I've started to upgrade myself and found Scala an amazing programming language also I felt PHP was kinda old for me and I changed from PHP to JavaScript using Node.js for web development. After doing some projects using Scala I learnt alot about programming and changed my mindset from OOP to functional programming and then I found Rust a really beautiful language which I fall in love with. Things going well and after some time I found a really cool project called Deno which I found is for future so I added it to my stack! So basically I'm using C++, Rust, Deno and a little bit of Scala in my projects and I'm really happy with them!


Internet and computer is my reason for living! I enjoy programming and creating apps. I also love music. My favorite celebrities are Dr. Dre and Al Pacino. Despite the fact that I'm currently living in a crowded city I really hate living in big cities and want to live in a small town.


For contacting me, you can send me email at [email protected] or [email protected]. Also you can find contact form in here.

My Tools

Here you can see my tools that I'm using for programming: