About me

Hi, I'm Hesam Gholami from Iran. I'm 28 year old and Study Computer engineering in University. i Start Programming since 2011 with Windows and Web programming. i Also make some web designs for my works. the very first language that i used was VB6, and i made some Applications with it. but i learn C++ and found it very powerful and say goodbye to VB6. in web developing i start with Joomla! CMS and i create some websites with it. by the way i learn PHP and i'm creating some web Applications with it. after C++ i love PHP language because it's very funny and simple


Internet and Computer is my reason for living! i enjoy Programming. I also love electronic musics, especially House genre. my favorite dj is Deadmau5 and my favorite vocalist is Enrique Iglesias. i take time for funny and my friends. i hate living in Big Cities and want to live in a soundless place.


for contacting me, you can send me email at [email protected] or [email protected] Also you can find Contact form in here.

my Skills

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Java Script